How does PopNod work?

Uniting the most fashionable items from your favorite stores, with the organizations and people that are changing the world.

Step 1 Discover trendsetting items from hundreds of stores you know and love.
Step 2 We donate a portion of every purchase to the cause of your choice.
Step 3 Share your StyleStory. Connect with your favorite brands, Stylemakers and Changemakers!
Step 4 Gain access to exclusive offers, giveaways, and good karma.
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About PopNod

The PopNod Movement empowers you to make an impact by reinventing the way you shop.

At PopNod, we unite the most fashionable brands with the Changemakers and Stylemakers that are changing the world. We bring you a beautiful shopping experience with carefully handpicked stores and curated products. With every purchase you make, we automatically donate a portion of your purchase to the cause of your choice – it’s that simple. We strive to create a community for members to share their StyleStories and connect with their favorite brands, impactful organizations, and other Stylemakers.

Our Story

The PopNod journey began with a visit to Thailand. In Thailand, elephants are a symbol of fortune. For Stephanie David, they were her impetus for making a difference in the world. On a chance trip to an elephant farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, she met a family who single-handedly bred and raised elephants to save them from endangerment. If one family devoted their lives to making their impact, imagine if everyone felt empowered to give back to the world every single day.
Stephanie set off to find way to combine her love for style with her passion for social good. Why not incorporate giving into something that people do often, like shopping, and make it fun? She left her rising career in the corporate world in fall 2013 to launch PopNod, an online shopping destination that integrates giving into people’s everyday lives.

Our Team

Stephanie David, Founder and CEO

Stephanie loves stories – the stories behind your personal style and the stories behind your causes. Before PopNod, Stephanie managed operations, business development, and sales at Fortune 50 companies, including Microsoft. The many stories of her life have led her to founding PopNod and meeting amazing Stylemakers and Changemakers along the way.

Dean Chen, Architect

Dean likes solving problems, but only with a cup of coffee in hand. With experiences at large and small companies, in both technology and business, he is helping to make the PopNod Movement a reality. Focusing on product management and engineering, he wants to make PopNod simple and fun for its Stylemakers and Changemakers.

Ashley Cordes, Creative Director

Ashley, rarely without pen and paper at hand, has always had a passion for art and design. With a degree in International Relations, nearly a decade working in graphic design, and extensive international travel, she is inspired by the colors and diversity of the world’s cities and people. Ashley is proud to be a part of PopNod, and is excited by its mission to bring together personal style and social good.

As featured in

PopNod creates an effortless way in which to give.

- ABC News & Good Morning America
Best for online shoppers who want to feel good about giving back while taking care of their shopping lists.

- U.S. News & World Report
Such a phenomenal concept. The question is why would you not use PopNod?

- Laura Evans, Fox News
PopNod found a way to let us shop for a cause.

- Washingtonian Magazine