You matter more than you know. You can help change the world.

With every purchase at stores you know and love, we donate to your favorite cause.

Step 1
Discover trendsetting items from hundreds of stores you know and love.
Step 2
We donate a portion of every purchase to the cause of your choice.
Step 3
Share your StyleStory with our community of brands, Stylemakers and Changemakers.
Step 4
Do Good. Feel Good. Shop to help change the world.
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About PopNod

Do You Love Fashion and Giving Back? Join Others Who Do Good and Feel Good While They Shop.

At PopNod, we unite the most fashionable brands with the Changemakers and Stylemakers that are changing the world. You can shop fashionable items inspired by real people and real stories. With every purchase you make, we automatically donate a portion of your purchase to the cause of your choice – it’s that simple. We strive to create a community for you to share your StyleStories and connect with your favorite brands, impactful organizations, and other Stylemakers.
"A Changemaker is a person who looks at every moment to see how he or she can be of service to others and the world at large."
- Jonna of Naturally Glam
"A Stylemaker is someone who exudes radiance in whatever they wear."
- Julien of It’s Julien
"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
- Katie of Style Wonk
"A Changemaker is a person who makes a positive change (large or small) in society."
- Marisa of Clover Riot

Tell Your StyleStory

StyleStories are real stories by real people. Through your StyleStories, you can empower others to help change the world while they shop. Share the stories that move you, the pictures that inspire you, and the products that define your style.

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PopNod creates an effortless way in which to give.

- ABC News & Good Morning America
Best for online shoppers who want to feel good about giving back while taking care of their shopping lists.

- U.S. News & World Report
Such a phenomenal concept. The question is why would you not use PopNod?

- Laura Evans, Fox News
PopNod found a way to let us shop for a cause.

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